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With an estimated population of 1.85 billion, people with disabilities are an emerging market larger than China.  Together with their friends and family the disability market controls over $13 trillion in disposable income. Unlocking the potential of this large subset of the global marketplace will have a transformative effect on economic growth for both public and private services.

Organisations seeking new ways to create value for stakeholders have a strong interest in attracting the spending of this increasingly powerful cohort. They must understand that earning profit from disability is driven by a better customer experience, product development, and maximizing human capital. Organisations and brands seeking to maximize returns must include disability and age inclusion as a core value.

Our solutions improve products and services, customer experiences, employee retention that maximize revenue growth through disability and age inclusion. This allows our clients to get beyond regulatory requirements and focus on what matters to their customers and employees, having an equitable service.

Universal Access Disability and Age Inclusion framework allows clients to set up their disability and age inclusion strategy and change management actions through a holistic pathway.



Universal Access Disability and Age Inclusion Framework wheel with main pillar Leadership and Culture in the centre and ten other competency pillars surrounding it. The pillars are Awareness and Innovation, Built Environment, Products and Services, Policy and Organisation Development, Recruitment, Retention, Communication, Digital Accessibility, Procurement, Industry Specific, Measurement, Evaluation and Accountability

Universal Access Disability and Age Inclusion Framework

Universal Access delivers the disability and age inclusion framework which takes a whole organisation approach to disability and age inclusion for customers and employees.  It supports every functional area of the business/organisation for inclusive employment and inclusive customer service.

The framework’s main objectives are to help organisations:

  • deliver person-centric customer services and experiences and employment
  • retain and increase market share
  • provide governance, risk management and compliance
  • deliver sustainability
  • enhance brand awareness
  • drive innovation
  • minimise legal risk
  • conform to international best practice
  • be an employer and customer service provider of choice

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