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International Research and Best Practice in Tourism

Regulatory Compliance and Legislation:

Universal Access can advise on all areas of regulatory compliance, legislation, and standards.

Your business and reputation must be able to withstand all challenges in law and compliance. We can work with you on the equal status act, health and safety act, disability act, employment equality act, building control act, building regulations part M2010, and the convention on rights of persons with disabilities. These are wide ranging and as a business you are obliged under law to have very clear strategies and polices in place for employees and clients.

National and International Standards:

Universal Access can advise you and implement all relevant national and international standards to your business as part of your on-going development strategy. The CEO and founder of Universal Access sits as an expert on four national standards of Ireland committees.

International Research and Best Practice in Tourism for the Private Sector.

The CEO and founder of Universal Access sits as a non-executive board member of the European Network for Accessible Tourism. This is the world leading accessible tourism NGO.

Universal Access is able to access current world best practice and research and implement them as part of our works for your business.

No matter what size business you are, we make sure you’re in line with international best practice.

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