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World Accreditation

World Tourism for All Master Licences

On 26th June 2018 in Brussels, the European Network for Accessible Tourism announced Universal Access as their licence holder in Ireland for the World Tourism for All Quality Programme.

Two years previous to this, Universal Access was also selected by the European Network for Accessible Tourism as the company to pilot this international programme prior to the launch.

It will position a business to be able to increase their market share and position your business to present a world class service to all people.

The World Tourism for All programme is designed to support sustainable, responsible and accessible tourism. This is in line with the goals and principles of The Global Code of Ethics for Tourism promoted by the UN World Tourism Organisation. It incorporates criteria from global standards and good practices that have been identified from extensive testing with visitors and tourism businesses in Europe.

Universal Access will take tourism operators through a guided pathway leading to the World Tourism for All Quality Programme Accreditation, recognising their commitment to access for all, enhancing staff competence and ensuring first-class customer service. Adopting a holistic approach, the world Quality Programme includes management and staff training, web accessibility assessment and guidance, facility access audits, access plans and marketing.

There are four different programmes for businesses to develop to over their time lines.

  • The World Tourism for All Seal Accreditation
  • The World Tourism for All Bronze Accreditation
  • The World Tourism for All Silver Accreditation
  • The World Tourism for All Gold Accreditation.

In 2020 Universal Access will be launching a pioneering, accredited, continuous development universal inclusion programme for businesses and destinations. Universal Access will also be launching a technology platform with multiple actions and supports along with having leading national and international associates on board.

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